Spiderman: Across The Spiderverse – Visually Stunning but Without Closure

I was very excited about this movie because it has come to us after five long years of the highly acclaimed “Into The Spiderverse”. Also, there were so many platforms like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes showing 90% and above ratings for this movie.

While I did enjoy its art, dialogues and performances, it didn’t satisfy me fully. Care to know why? Keep reading and WATCH OUT FOR THE SPOILER SECTIONS MARKED in RED!

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2022 Recap: The Comeback of Opera Gloves

In the last decade or two, gloves have been usually worn only for utilities and comfort. However, the 2020s are changing that and bringing back dramatic gloves into the trend. These particular accessories called opera gloves remind us of the elegant 60s when average women and Hollywood stars alike would adorn themselves with these statement pieces.

Blame it on viral shows like Bridgerton or high fashion brands, the opera gloves are being seen everywhere – from celebrities attending the red carpet to teenagers busting their moves on TikTok.

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The SOP That Got Me A Canadian Student Visa Within Two Months

By the Mercy of the Almighty, I have earned the privilege of pursuing a Master’s Degree at Lakehead University in the province of Ontario, Canada. While this 8-month-long process consisted of many steps, one of the most important parts has always been the Study Plan included in the applicant’s Student Visa application. I submitted my Visa application on June 7th and fortunately got the approval on August 1st.

Since a considerable number of people have asked me to share my Study Plan or SOP with them, I’m providing it below for everyone to go through.

Best of luck to all new applicants!

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