The Magpie Who Couldn’t Fly: Part 1

[ Once upon a time, there was a young magpie, born with wings, but in a cage. There were many other birds living with her in there, but she never really felt home. This is a chronicle of her daily struggles. ]

Day 1

I feel worthless, aimless, hopeless. It’s been too long for me here. I mean ya this place is very beautiful and all, no doubt. But there’s still something missing, don’t really know what.

This is gonna be just between you and me okay? – *whispering* I don’t really like these other birds here. I mean don’t get me wrong. They must be super-cool in their own way, and all of them seem super-friendly when with each other but…none of them is really like ME. You know? Like, all of them and me, are from two different planets.
Sometimes I actually try to figure out if I’m an alien or not. I mean those comic books can’t all be wrong right?


Oh well, who am I kidding. We both know this will not work out well. I am not.. “normal” and you probably don’t exist. I’ve been basically just talking to myself the whole time. No biggie. I’ll find the real you someday.
Not today, but someday.

Anyway, chao for now. See you later… I mean, IMAGINE you later -_-


[to be continued]


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