Oh no summer!

Summer means sunshine, summer means time-off, summer means relaxation. But also, it means a hell lot of sweat and discomfort if you’re wearing the wrong clothes. So here’s a guide to avoid such troubles and have a fun, flawless and fashionable summer.


  1. Cotton is your new BFF.
    It’s time to leave those gorgeous furry sweaters and exquisite shawls behind and rearrange your closet centering on the cotton treasures you have. Cotton is the best fabric for summer and you know it. Even science agrees! Cotton allows better air circulation and thus can handle sweat like a pro. Also, it is light in weight and thus allows light to pass through instead of being absorbed. What’s more is that it is great for sensitive skin because it reduces the severity of any allergic reaction.
  1. Keep it bright, but not too bright.
    We all want to look bright and beautiful to reflect the vibe of the weather. But in doing so, we often end up wearing colors which will further exaggerate the level of warmth for us and other people around us. To avoid this, we should try to wear clothes which are the right shade of lukewarm during the day. Some of these colors can be the following, taken from Pantone summer color palette for 2017 :
  2. Comfort before Trend.
    Many of us make the mistake of choosing trend over comfort. That choice in the long run makes no one else suffer but ourselves. Play it smart this summer and make trends out of your own comfort zones. For example, you feel like wearing a casual dress with enough breathing room, but that floral full-sleeved dress in your closet is looking like the perfect eye-catcher for you. Go for the casual dress anyway because making others happy is not your job, but keeping your body comfortable is. Go for looks like these to keep it chic and comfortable at the same time:BeFunky Collage

    These basic rules should get you going for the perfect summer you always wanted.


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