One Fine Dream With My Late Grandfather

One not so fine day, it struck 2PM in the afternoon clock. I already woke up late that morning and found a message sitting on my emails saying the client wants more keyword placements. 

The night before that, I stayed up past 2AM to complete this particular assignment and was already irritated by it. Because this client didn’t even know what TOPIC or TITLE he wants me to write on! I gave him the ideas and then he picked one. He didn’t even give me the keywords. 

Anyway, being frustrated with my current situation, I browsed YouTube and Facebook for something that would make my mood better. When nothing worked, I decided to just take a dip in the pool of silence. 

I laid back on my bed and just stared at the roof for a while. Then I closed my eyes to find some solace in escapism. 

To my utter surprise, I suddenly saw my late grandfather slowly opening up his eyes under the sunshine! He was looking far younger than the latest I saw him before death. He was donning a khaki set of shirt and trousers which seemed to be either from the 70s or 90s. 

I don’t know why I saw him casually lying under a tree whose yellow flowers were peeking through the fresh green leaves. It looked like a park or a dreamy green spring field full of blooming flowers. 

While he was relaxing with his eyes closed again under the cooling shade of that tree, I was staring in disbelief from a white bench in that park. I looked much younger as well. I had pigtails, no glasses, wearing a t-shirt and long skirt, no footwear. 

I seemed lost in thought, looking with wonder at the relaxing grandfather. He then sat beside me, with a smile on his face that represents satisfaction, peace and happiness.

I still stared at him surprised since I couldn’t understand what was going on. He then told me a few things in a very calm manner:

You don’t have to be like others. You are yourself, that’s enough. 

Losing yourself in the crowd is not an achievement. 

Let them be what they are. You hold on to your authentic self. 

I woke up at this point, still confused. “What just happened??”

I was not close to my grandfather after growing up. So, it seemed strange to me that he will be giving me such thoughtful advice with so much warmth.

However….I really appreciated it. I got up and quickly noted his words down in a pad. I felt like they were blessings to me from the other side.

It all felt magical, a special kind of gift that transcends physical planes of existence ✨


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