A Marvel Fan: Why I Loved The SnyderCut

It’s been a long time since I watched a movie from the DC Universe and it made me genuinely love the product. There were many lukewarm movies sporadically spread throughout the last half of a decade. However, nothing came close to making me rewatch it immediately.

And then, came the SnyderCut.

And yes, it was a 4-hour-long epic.

Seeing the expected but fruitless debate between Marvel fans trashing it and DC fans trying to uphold it with pride – here I am, a Marvel fan and a movie lover, genuinely acknowledging this major turnaround for the DC universe.


1. Martian Manhunter’s Cameos

When I used to watch the Justice League animated series, Martian Manhunter used to be my favorite of the bunch. 

Yes, other Justice League members like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were much more popular than him. But I appreciated the lesser-known tumultuous past he endured including losing his home planet. Besides, he seemed to have the most calmness and the least need for drama – a refreshing combination among superheroes.

Finally I saw him in a live action movie through the SnyderCut. Since I didn’t try to know all about the new scenes in this cut, his random appearance after a scene with Lois filled me with joy. Even though he seemed visibly heartbroken, the mere acknowledgement of his existence in this universe moved me. After all, it’s been a long time since I met this wise green alien on the screen.

2. “Not Impressed”

I am not used to seeing Henry Cavill being such a savage as Superman. In fact, in the previous movies where he donned the red cape (and gracefully hidden innerwear), I found him a tad boring and not someone to go crazy for. 

This time however, the tale was completely different. From emotional aspects – like coping with a sudden resurrection, being unable to tell friends from foes, remembering the hope of both fathers – to putting on the black suit and meeting Alfred, all of the storytelling was spectacular to me!

However, the moment I had to go “YAAAAAAASS” was when he interrupted Steppenwolf’s axe in the final fight and went “not impressed 🙂 “, casually proceeding to turn this supreme weapon into delicate ice with his mere breath! I mean…..what a casual badass

3. Cyborg’s Journey

When I watched the 2017 JL, I felt nothing about Cyborg, honestly. He was just… there. I forgot what or who he was right after finishing that movie. I didn’t understand why DC fans love this character or want to see more of him.

Well, now I know. 

Cyborg was one of the two characters who benefitted from Snydercut the most. In fact, many called him (and rightfully so) the HEART of this movie! His role here was one of the cornerstones of this storyline – from his first appearance to the last. He grew from a mourning son angry at his dad to a hero who protects mankind at all costs while acknowledging the heroism of his deceased father. 

Now THAT is an arc no movie-lover can look away from. 

4. Flash’s Time Travel

Much like Cyborg, Flash also seemed like only a bystander to me in 2017. The only things I remembered about him from the theatrical release was how weird his lines were. And of course, him falling with his head on Wonder Woman’s breastplate – just… WHY??

This time however, Flash is the one who saves other heroes’ ass! This time Flash breaks the rule he always obeyed and goes beyond his limits for the first time to turn the past into the present. As he moves forward, faster than the light, everything demolished recreates themselves into existence, every dead soul materializes into living breathing creatures. 

Flash is the one who made the Justice League a success. He is not a cartoonish bystander anymore. 

5. Steppenwolf’s Makeover

Remember the 2017 Steppenwolf? No? Good for you. 

While the theatrical Steppenwolf looked like an unfinished amateur CGI creation suffering from some alien STD, the SnyderCut Steppenwolf looks majestic, acts badass, all while begging for mercy and a second chance from Darkseid with puppy eyes. What a combination!

His new armor shines with sharp metallic scales which keep changing continuously. Even when they are not in focus, you will notice the scales turning in and out repeatedly. I especially loved how he just shook off all the arrows Amazonian warriors threw at him, like it’s barely an inconvenience. 

6. The Future We’ll Never Have

I’ve seen Zack Snyder say in many interviews that he may not continue Justice League any further. But after getting a glimpse of what he was planning on doing with the DC Universe, I can’t stop hoping for a miracle like SnyderCut again. 

There were multiple signs that planet earth is going to face an apocalypse where Superman will be on Darkseid’s team. Even Batman’s villains like Joker and Deathstroke will fight invaders alongside him. 

I can’t stop thinking how Aquaman would be killed by Darkseid, how Martian Manhunter will be a part of all these, how Robin will appear on screen only to die in the hands of Joker, and more! 

I hope Darkseid does get to “use the old ways” for the sake of all superhero-lovers like me. Especially with Avengers wrapping up two years ago, I miss watching widely popular superheroes gracing the big screen. A continued SnyderVerse would be the perfect fit for that empty space!

7. Improved Background Score

To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to the background score of 2017 JL. Probably because it all seemed quite generic superhero tunes. However, I noticed a much more attractive set of tunes in this cut, right from the entry scene of Wonder Woman to the final assembly of superheroes. Her background music was in fact my favorite – reminiscent of Amazonian culture sung through a powerful female voice. 

It seems every main character had individual tunes set up for them – which elevated the scenes showing their backstory or character traits far more effectively. 

These were only a few of the reasons I really loved the SnyderCut. In fact, I watched it twice already within a week because I wanted to observe the details and enjoy both background score and cinematography one more time. 

So if you haven’t watched it yet, please do give it a try. And if you are apprehended by the long duration of four hours, the movie is actually divided into six parts, along with an epilogue. Therefore, you can watch them one per day or at a pace you are more comfortable with. All the same!


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