Being A Girl

Aunts from childhood taught me a girl should be modest, soft-spoken, kind and willing to compromise in any situation. As I reached teenage, I sensed a misleading concept in that mentality – “why should only the women compromise?”. After I escaped the confusing period of teenage, I came across many ladies who confidently stand againstContinue reading “Being A Girl”

In Search for Temporary Sanity…

It is probably impossible to let someone “normal” understand the terror of being “naturally insane”. We throw around the term “crazy” as if it is an accomplishment. Is it really?

Chants of a Quaint Mind

There was a time when Facebook used to be our escape from the stressful life. We would find comfort, warmth and confidentiality among the few friends we had on our list. The two to three Youtube videos we shared of our favorite non-pop unheard-of music videos were celebrated and discussed by many friends. We didn’tContinue reading “Chants of a Quaint Mind”

বলব নাঃ ১

আজ কদিন ধরে সবকিছু খুবই নেগেটিভ যাচ্ছে। মানে আমি নিজে কিছু করিনি, কিছু বদলাইনি। কিন্তু সবই উল্টেপাল্টে বদলে যাচ্ছে, নিজের মতন।