One Fine Dream With My Late Grandfather

One not so fine day, it struck 2PM in the afternoon clock. I already woke up late that morning and found a message sitting on my emails saying the client wants more keyword placements. 

The night before that, I stayed up past 2AM to complete this particular assignment and was already irritated by it. Because this client didn’t even know what TOPIC or TITLE he wants me to write on! I gave him the ideas and then he picked one. He didn’t even give me the keywords. 

Anyway, being frustrated with my current situation, I browsed YouTube and Facebook for something that would make my mood better. When nothing worked, I decided to just take a dip in the pool of silence. 

I laid back on my bed and just stared at the roof for a while. Then I closed my eyes to find some solace in escapism. 

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Sreemangal: Queen of Tea

It is no secret that my homeland of Bangladesh is blessed with all sorts of natural beauties – be it the blue rivers, the green forests or the brown mountains! In this beautiful palette, I’m mostly attracted to the green because all the fresh new leaves surrounding me rejuvenate my mind like nothing else EVERY TIME!

So I decided to visit the beautiful Sreemangal one summer since it has a bit of all these shades!

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A Dive into the Yellow

How long can one stay stuck with the daily monotonous life full of stress? Don’t the pressure of workloads, the long hours at traffic and the unhinged arrogance of people nearby steal your enthusiasm of living bit by bit?

I felt like that too in January. When the world and my dreams both seemed to come at a standstill, I finally said to myself “Welp! That’s it. I need a break.”

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What is a Gentleman?

I found this beautiful definition of being a true gentleman from a YouTube video featuring Ayushmann Khurrana. This is my translation of its Hindi transcript. To see the original video, click here!

There is a stereotype for men – they’re hyped to be macho, to be the bread earner in the family, the saviour of woman, but a man should NEVER cry or be weak in any way.

Doesn’t sound right to me.

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