Why I Hated My Last Workplace

I am not some super-experienced employee. But 3 out of 4 offices I have worked at so far were terrible. This is about my last workplace which I have left very recently. I am sharing all of it here with you because even on the last day, they made sure I suffer somehow. I needed to write it all out and take the burden off my heart. If you read this till the end, I thank you in advance for sharing my frustration.

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Scribbles 2019: A Random Piece of Frustration

Just three days ago I truly felt like I have my life in control now. I have been reading a book called “the power of habit” which has been exceedingly helpful to re-do my life. I pointed out the discrepancies of my daily routine and habits long ago. It was always clear to me that these are the roots of my bad temper, anxiety and all such struggles I’d been facing every day.

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Being A Girl

Aunts from childhood taught me a girl should be modest, soft-spoken, kind and willing to compromise in any situation. As I reached teenage, I sensed a misleading concept in that mentality – “why should only the women compromise?”. After I escaped the confusing period of teenage, I came across many ladies who confidently stand against the current and run after their dreams like their life depends on it.

And that is where I lost myself. The typical concept of society on what a girl should be like completely contradicts all the women I have admired.

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